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Maldives Package

Who wouldn’t want to vacation in a place that promises extraordinary experiences, serenity, and a stress-free environment? Obviously, no one! The Maldives trip is synonymous with spellbinding charms and tropical vibes, making everyone fall deeply in love with themselves. Imagine sitting calmly on a hammock under a dark blue sky filled with sparkling stars, admiring the sounds of the ocean waves while enjoying enlivening champagne—sounds perfect, right? The Maldives is all set to turn your imagination into reality. 


Maldives Holiday Packages

Maldives packages are divided according to different themes, budgets, durations, and departure cities, from which you may select the one that meets your specific requirements! In addition, you can even customise your Maldives itinerary however you wish and plan your entire vacation according to your preferences. You can reach out to our Maldives travel experts to vanquish all your doubts and tell us all your travel needs and wants. We will cater a vacation package just as you want!

Are you looking for a place that offers both luxury and exciting adventures? Without a doubt, we can vouch for you that the Maldives is the best option. The Maldives is a popular vacation and honeymoon destination for people of all ages. Imagine lounging over a water villa while watching the sunset by the ocean with your loved one. Could there possibly be a better experience? So let’s dive right into the major prospects of Maldives tour packages.

It is critical to plan a hassle-free trip that meets all of your expectations. Even a trivial inconvenience can easily bring down the mood of the entire trip. That is exactly why we are here for you. Let us first break down the important factors you must consider before picking the right package. 

Maldives All Inclusive Tour Packages 

Maldives all-inclusive tour packages are a great choice for those who wish to make their whole vacation booking process easy and convenient. All-inclusive tour packages contain services ranging from the booking of flights to transportation within the Maldives. The perks keep changing according to demand and availability. The cost of these packages is also on the higher end since they contain all the services, from flight charges to room costs. 

Maldives Honeymoon Tour Packages 

As the name of the tour package suggests, this package is especially for honeymooners. The choice of resort rooms and the activities are curated according to honeymoon requirements. Check out our Maldives honeymoon packages.

Maldives Family Tour Packages

Family tour packages are designed in such a way that they facilitate families that take a vacation to the Maldives. There are family beach and water villas that would perfectly suit the expectations of a family. Aside from this, basic services are also included in the Maldives family packages

Maldives Budget-friendly Packages

If you are looking to take a trip to the Maldives on a budget, there is nothing better than the Maldives Budget Friendly package. The hotels and services that are included in the package are curated in a way that it is budget friendly. 

Maldives Water Villa Packages

The Maldives is a destination famous for its extravagant water villas. There are multiple varieties of water villas in the Maldives, each different from the other. Some water villas have swimming pools, while others have jacuzzis. The Maldives water villa packages vary according to the activities and prices.  

Maldives Resort Packages

The Maldives has some of the best and most luxurious resorts in the world. From budget-friendly accommodations to luxurious rooms, it provides everything you need. If you are someone who does not wish to stay in water villas but prefers a beach resort, this is the right Maldives resort package for you.

Maldives Holiday Packages from India

Things to know before booking a Maldives tour package

To take a well-planned trip to the Maldives, it is necessary to pick the right package. There are multiple options for packages that one can choose from. Each package has unique benefits that set it apart from the others. This way, you will know which one is best for you. 

Maldives tourist visa for Indians

It is not necessary to obtain a visa before traveling to the Maldives. When you arrive at Male airport, you only need the proper travel documentation; a 30-day tourist visa will be provided. You should also be aware that the Maldives government does not impose any fees and offers free visa assistance to Indian nationals. However, if you want to extend your visa (for an additional 60 days), you must pay INR 3,045.

Maldives currency

The Maldivian Rufiyaa serves as the national currency of the Maldives. Compared to 1 USD, 1 INR is equivalent to 0.19 MVR, and vice versa. Despite the fact that it is advised to use local currency, you can also bring INR or USD. 

Transportation in Maldives

The causal transportations are domestic airplanes, seaplanes, speedboats, and Dhoni boats. The international airport serving the Maldives is called Velana International Airport, and it can be found on the island of Hulhulé in the North Malé Atoll. There are several domestic airports as well, but travelers from India and other countries will fly into Velana Airport.

Types of Accommodations in the Maldives 

The Maldives is a collection of islands with 26 atolls. The major attraction of these islands is their luxurious resorts. There are so many varieties of resorts that the island offers. From standard hotels to lavish water villas, there are more than 200 different lodging options. Of all these options, the Maldives is most famous for its water villas. These are hut-like structures that are constructed above water. One can choose the water villa according to their budget and requirements.

Best Time to Visit The Maldives

When the weather is warm, tropical, and dry, which is between November and April, this promising land is at its most inviting. The country is the most magical place in the world to explore, and it is situated in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. Average high temperatures in the Maldives range from 29 to 31 degrees Celsius, while average low temperatures rarely dip below 24 degrees Celsius. The Maldives is warm and sunny all year long, but May through October also sees some rainfall.

Things to know before you go to the Maldives 

Indian citizens do not require a pre-arrival visa to enter the Maldives on vacation. When you arrive at Male airport, you only need the proper travel documentation; a 30-day tourist visa will be provided. You should also be aware that the Maldives government does not impose any fees and offers free visa assistance to Indian nationals. However, if you want to extend your visa (for an additional 60 days), you must pay INR 3,045. 

Maldives Travel Recommendations

Traveling from India to the Maldives does not necessitate the use of RT-PCR. Maldives citizens are free to move around within the country. Between islands and resorts, visitors are free to move around. Transportation options include domestic airplanes, seaplanes, speedboats, and Dhoni boats. The international airport for the Maldives is Velana International Airport, which is situated on Hulhulé Island in the North Malé Atoll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking holiday packages is the preferable choice for a stress-free getaway. Self-booking will not only consume your time, but also causes chaos and frustration.
The cost of your Maldives holiday will vary depending on your planned duration of stay, the resort you choose, and a number of other considerations. Packages for the Maldives at Pickyourtrail starts at ₹ 52,642.
For a perfect and hassle-free vacation, it is advised to book Maldives vacation package from a reputed and trustworthy travel company like Pickyourtrail.
When you book a Maldives package with us, the process is pretty simple. You can easily customize your Maldives itinerary just the way you want and have a perfect vacation. You can tailor everything according to your needs, from selecting your preferred dates, dream resorts, and flights to obtaining a visa upon arrival.

These are the following points you should know before going to the Maldives:

  1. Explore the local side of the Maldives
  2. Don’t consume alcohol outside the resorts
  3. Pack lightweight and vibrant clothing
  4. Take a good quality underwater camera
Non-vaccinated travellers are required to take the COVID-19 test, and if they test positive, they must pay for their own 14-day quarantine. They will be released after receiving a negative COVID-19 test result.
4 days Maldives package starts from INR 49,000 per person.