Maldives Honeymoon Packages From Pune

The Maldives is a genuine honeymooner’s paradise where you may live out all your wishes and create wonderful memories. With your loved one by your side, relax and take advantage of some of the best activities and dazzling locations in this astounding country of tropics and charms. Plan the finest Maldives honeymoon package from Pune and take pleasure in an unforgettable vacation. To have an exceptional experience and the trip of a lifetime, pick the ideal Maldives package.


How to reach Maldives from Pune

  • Total distance from Pune to the Maldives: 1,537 km
  • Mode of transportations: There are two ways to get to the Maldives from Pune: by plane or by water.
  • Airways: Due to the large number of connecting flights between Pune and the Maldives, air travel is the most practical mode of transit between these two locations. With layover time, it will take between 6 and 9 hours to reach by flight. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Pune to the Maldives. Reputable airlines such as Air India, Vistara, GoFirst, and others offer service on this route.
  • Waterways: The two main ports in India, Kochi or Mumbai, are the places from which most cruises to the Maldives depart. So, you have the option of planning a cruise to the Maldives by reaching either Kochi or Mumbai and then boarding a cruise.

Things to do on Maldives honeymoon package from Pune

Take part in the following incredible activities with your partner to get the most out of your Maldives honeymoon packages from Pune. Your holiday will be interesting, pleasurable, and filled with love thanks to the many romantic, wonderful, and amazing activities to do in the Maldives.

  • Engage in heart-pounding water sports activities
  • Take a trip on a glass bottom boat together
  • Enjoy a couples’ massage and other spa services to unwind and pamper
  • Romantic candlelight dinner is a great way to surprise your lover
  • Take your partner on opulent cruise rides

Places to visit on Maldives honeymoon package from Pune

In order to make the most of your trip to the Maldives, make sure to visit these impressive sites as part of your Maldives honeymoon package.

  • Hanifaru Bay
  • Bikini Beach
  • Halaveli Islands
  • Emboodhu Finolhu Island
  • Dhigu Island

Book Maldives honeymoon package from Pune

When do you plan to take your sweetheart to this incredibly magnificent paradise? All your romantic dreams will come true in the Maldives when you book a great Maldives honeymoon package from Pune.


Maldives Tourist Visa for Indians

If you’re an Indian citizen, there is an on-arrival visa option available, so you don’t need to apply for a visa before travelling. You will receive a 30-day tourist visa at the Male airport. All services relating to visas are provided without charge by the Maldives government. If you want to prolong your stay, you might have to pay a fixed fee.

Important Travel Documents –

  • A valid passport
  • Passport sized photos
  • Accommodation booking proof
  • Flight tickets booking proof
  • Sufficient funds in your bank
  • Bank statements
  • Confirmed onward/return tickets to home country
  • Traveller declaration form