Maldives Package from Delhi

Maldives Tour Packages From Delhi

The Maldives is a delightful destination to visit due to its silky sand beaches, a turquoise ocean, lush vegetation, fresh air, opulent resorts, delectable cuisine, and much more. If you are seeking a spectacular Maldives package from Delhi, then look no further and start scrolling, as there are numerous fantastic packages available to pick from. Take the ultimate Maldives package to create lifetime memories with your loved ones.

Book a Maldives package from Delhi.

What are you waiting for? Have the perfect holiday by booking a Maldives package from Delhi. You can make your ideal holiday a reality in the Maldives with the people you love!

How to reach the Maldives from Delhi

Total distance from Delhi to the Maldives: 2,863 km

Mode of transportation:

There are two ways to reach the Maldives from Delhi: by airways and by waterways.

Airways: You can take a direct flight from Delhi to the Maldives and reach your destination within 4 to 5 hours. There are various direct and connecting flights available between both destinations. Air travel is the most effective and efficient way to get to your destination.

Waterways: To reach the Maldives by ship, you will first need to visit the nearby port city (Mumbai, Kochi, and more) and then board a ship to the Maldives.

Things to do in the Maldives from Delhi

The Maldives has a tonne of things to do to spice up and have fun on your holiday. Check out these activities and enjoy your Maldives honeymoon packages from Delhi.

  1. Explore the underwater realm via snorkelling and diving.
  2. Make plans to stay in a breathtaking over-water villa.
  3. Visit the stunning Vadhoo Atoll’s Sea of Stars.
  4. Have a romantic beachside dinner under the stars.
  5. The Maldives submarine rides are a special experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Places to visit in the Maldives from Delhi

There are many wonderful places to visit in the Maldives and experience a phenomenal holiday. Make your Maldives from Delhi trip more enjoyable by visiting these locations.

  1. Malé Atoll
  2. Alimatha Island
  3. Fihalhohi Island
  4. Sun Island
  5. Banana Reef
  6. Artificial Beach

Maldives Tourist Visa for Indians

As an on-arrival visa option is available for Indians, you do not need to get a visa prior to travel. You will be issued a 30-day tourist visa upon arrival at Male Airport. The Maldives’ government does not impose any fees and offers all visa-related services for free. You might have to pay a certain amount if you wish to prolong your stay.

Important travel documents:

  1. A passport with at least 1 month’s validity
  2. Passport-sized photographs
  3. Accommodation booking proof (pre-paid)
  4. Flight ticket booking proof
  5. There are sufficient funds in your bank for the intended period of stay.
  6. Confirmed onward/return tickets to home country
  7. Traveller declaration form