The summer holiday destination that everyone dreams of; Maldives is set to offer you unforgettable experiences of your life. Its magnificent 26 atolls, dreamlike resorts and abundantly rich aquatic life gives you the best of both worlds. The crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean blending with the fine white sands and lush green trees create a soothing colour palette that has been attracting tourists from all over the world. Maldives holiday Package offers an array of exciting things to do that cater to all sorts of niche travel. Be it from adrenaline pumped activities to rejuvenating spa experiences, you will always find something to do in Maldives.  Find yourself making the best ever ‘to-do’ list of your life in Maldives!

  1. Fish it and Dish it 

The best thing to do at a new place is to live like a local. Fishing has been the most common activity in Maldives as the locals depend on fish for their diet. The clear turquoise waters around the atolls have enormous marine life residing under it. You can experience the primal thrill of catching one’s own fish and eating it. The most common fishes that may get hooked to your bait are swordfish, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, marlin etc. 

Let your taste buds rejoice in the flavours of delicious seafood. The best thing about fishing in Maldives is that everyone can try their luck and might end up with a new hobby. 

2. Flying High

Experience the beauty of Maldives at a grand scale. The helicopter ride in Maldives is bound to leave you speechless and mesmerised. The ride offers spectacular views of the aesthetically pleasing islands, shades of blue in the ocean with a contrast of white sands. Capture some of the most stellar panoramic views of the islands from the sky and watch it become a core memory of the trip. 

3. Surfing 

Maldives has seized every opportunity to entertain its visitors and keep the adrenaline pumping for thrill seekers. Being a summer destination, surfing is one of the most common water sport activities among the surfers in Maldives. Thulusdhoo islands located towards the northern Male atoll and a handful of southern atolls offer the best waves to surf on. 

4. Snorkelling

Adding to the list of adventurous things to do in Maldives, snorkelling helps you capture the essence of the island. Take an underwater stroll among the coral gardens and greet its vibrant inhabitants. If you are lucky, witness the exquisite sights of Manta ray, Whale sharks, turtles, grey reef sharks etc. Maafushi island is abundant in its exotic marine life and is ready to take you to another dimension. 

5. Skydiving

 Skydiving in Maldives helps the majority of tourists check off falling through the sky from their wishlist. There is no better place than Maldives for this exhilarating yet freeing experience. The soothing blue colours of Maldivian skies and waters offer a dreamlike vibe for a soul strucking freefall. Ensuring the tourist’s safety,  the fall is accompanied by a professional for a smooth landing and a carefree experience. There are certain guidelines and protocols presented before the skydive that one needs to adhere to for their own sake. 

6. Scuba Diving

Diving straight from the skies into the depths of the ocean, scuba diving in Maldives could be considered one of the life changing experiences of your trip. Scuba diving at Maaya Thila does justice to the beauty of aquatic life in Maldives. This goes without saying that marine life is a huge part of the island’s ecosystem and must be conserved at all costs. 

Mesmerise yourself with the stunning Angel fish, Tunas, Grey reef shark and the caves surrounded by corals. 

7.Leisure walks and sunsets

A walk on the beach followed by a stunning sunset are few of those evergreen activities in Maldives that never go out of style. A leisure walk at Hulhumale beach is where you forget about all of your life problems. The calming sound of waves and the swaying coconut trees create a blissful ambience after a long day of adventures. On the other hand, you can sail into the peaceful sunset on a boat or a cruise for a well deserved and a quiet me-time. 

8. Revisit the History

Explore the historic and cultural side of Maldives at the National Museum in Male. The museum displays mediaeval artefacts, housewares, antiques and weaponry.. Maldives’ demographic is predominantly Muslim hence the capital city of Male is home to beautiful mosques. The Old Mosque (Laamu Isdhoo) is one of the oldest coral mosque structures that has survived through centuries. The mosque contains the oldest scriptures of Thaana in Maldivian history and holds a tremendous significance for its local folks. 

9. Illuminate in Bioluminescence

Adding sparkles to your night in Maldives, Vaadhoo islands have dazzling blue waters that light up the ocean in a soft blue glow at night. This breathtaking natural phenomenon is rare and hence never fails to amaze people with nature’s wonders. The stars in the night sky and stars in the ocean will definitely make your Maldives vacation a stellar one. 

10.  Lux Lux Laamu

The epic and world famous overwater floating bungalows and gorgeous villas of Six Senses Laamu often act as the face of Maldives’s tourism that attracts tourists from all over the world due to its unique architecture. The lavish bungalows and villas have posh  facilities for your utmost comfort and rejuvenating experience. They offer exquisite spa treatments, watersports, private access to the oceans and dolphin cruises. This is the pinnacle of luxury where you can spoil yourself and your loved ones .

For an all round experience of the 1000s of islands of Maldives, there are boats that offer trips from island to island, village tours and day tours to Male etc. Needless to say, the island nation thrives on water hence one can opt for any water activity and have fun. Don’t miss out on the local Maldivian delicacies, cafes and seafood restaurants. The island nation is also famous among honeymooners who can enjoy romantic beach dinners and movies by the beach.

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