The name Finolhu means “sandbank,” and this resort sprawls across four islands, offering over one-and-a-half miles of pristine beaches. You’ll never feel cooped up on Finolhu. On the main island, the sandy pathways are surrounded by lush tropical greenery, creating the sensation of wandering through a botanical garden. While the beauty of the island is a treat at any time, a sunrise stroll is particularly enchanting, adding an extra layer of magic to your Maldives trip.

For a taste of a true desert island adventure, a leisurely walk along the seemingly endless sandbank will take you to the Crab Shack. This rustic wooden restaurant feels like it’s straight out of a Robinson Crusoe tale. Picture yourself sipping your morning coffee, listening to the gentle waves, inhaling the fresh sea breeze, watching dolphins frolic in the water, and simply savoring it all with the sand beneath your feet.

Ph:+960 660 8800

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