It is very convenient and simple to take a flight from Vadodara to the Maldives. The distance from Vadodara to the Maldives is 2123 kilometers. The Maldives consists of a number of islands and atolls. Since it is surrounded by water, there is only one way to reach the Maldives. 

By Air

Traveling to the Maldives by air is one of the easiest transportation options. There are two types of flights that one can opt for. You can either take a direct flight that takes 7 hours to reach or a point-to-point flight that takes 12 or more hours to reach. If you are taking a direct flight, it is best to board in the morning so that you don’t waste the entire day on a flight. If there is a 12 hour flight journey that you will be taking, it is best to board during the night. 

For internal transportation, one can choose speed boats, flight transfers, and so on and so forth. You can also book taxis for short-distance travel within the island.  Book your Maldives packages now and enjoy your trip!

Speed Boats 

For transfers from one island to another or from the airport to your resort where there is a necessity to cross waters, you can choose speed boats. These are a chapter options over 


Taxi is the best option and very convenient if you are choosing to travel within an island or atoll. The fair is relatively cheaper, and there are an adequate number of taxis that can be of help.

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